Still on hiatus for now

Wow, I really haven’t written much in 6 years. Sorry.

The reason is two-fold. I finally got off the equipment railroad and just began enjoying what I had. So, my audio system remains unchanged remained unchanged for 6 years. And I am still fine with that. I love what I have and wish I had more time to listen.

Still, I did go a bit renegade with our set-up. The fact is we have a family and our needs go beyond just great music. Where is that? Oh, yeah, movies and media. So, we’ve upgraded the TV a few times, added in an Anthem AVM60 mated with a Red Dragon S500. These work together with the Shindo (using separate cords….) to fill our wonderful home with sound. We move between the two set-ups by swapping out what cords are plugged in to the Orangutans.

So, I’ll repeat what I said in 2014 – I am enjoying what I have. Just wish I had more time and less chaos to spend more time enjoying. And I’ll add this bit of self-absorbed wisdom – spend more time enjoying what you have than you spend wanting what you don’t have. It’s a liberating concept I try to embrace more and more each day.

Best wishes to  you all, and may each of you spend more time listening than contemplating a system acquisition.  🙂

PS – If I can find some time, then I’ll get an update or two on the audio and home theater equipment.  Cheers!



Should I write or not….

It should be obvious that I don’t spend enough time here.  I think the last meaningful post dates back to 2012. Ouch. Well, FWIW, at that time I was engaged in trying to find an auditory bliss.  But right after that in early 2013, I hit pretty darn close to whatever bliss might be when it comes to audio reproduction in my home. I’ve not had one significant moment where I thought about new or other equipment. Sure, there are occasional drifts in thought about whether there might be an update to my speakers by DeVore (096 => 098). But those are faint blips and more curiosity about what D is cooking up in his shop.

That said, I am enjoying what I have. Just wish I had more time and less chaos to spend enjoying.

The system has remained unchanged for 2 years. And I am fine with that. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it. This new year may yield some reviews, as I note there is more traffic on this blog than I appreciated. (Thanks, Steve, for your recent comment reminding me about the blog….).

Best wishes to  you all, and may each of you spend more time listening than contemplating a system acquisition.  🙂

Emptiness is a good thing!

I spent many years searching for a stereo set up that I could just enjoy. Part of the challenge with that endeavor was (is) my passion for tweaking – it’s a perfectionistic bent.

But early last year I found I really didn’t have an interest in tweaking anything with my equipment. In fact, I just found myself listening, when I had time. And in turn, getting lost in the analogue.  I suspect the combination of the Giscours and the AMG took me to an audio dimension that just resonates with me.  I can’t explain it beyond this. But I will say I’m very happy with my set-up and I am enjoying the music more and more (when I have time).

This freed me up to focus efforts on the room and how I had everything configured. Given the multiple roles my audio listening room had, I settled in on a built in cabinet that would house records, tubes, SS for home theater, and also have a counter upon which I could place the turntable and works of art.  I was inspired by the system Matt R displayed on his site The customer is identified as Wayne P. From there, I spent time working with a cabinet builder and finally had everything together right before last year’s holiday season.

Since then I’ve enjoyed the music.  Which leads me to some thoughts on what I will try to write about. In no particular order:

  • The AMG turntable – luv it!
  • Shindo’s magnificent Giscours
  • DSD files through the Acoustic Plan Dac with the Mac Mini and Audirvana Mac player

For now, I will leave you with this. The emptiness on this blog for the past year plus has more to do with finding great joy with the music in my set-up, than it has with anything else. I hope for each of you readers out there that you will find a set up that lets you enjoy the music. I would also encourage everyone to step back and start listening.

Thanks everyone!

So much to share, so little time to do it

Ok, it’s been almost a year.  That should suffice as a reasonable hiatus.

So I am planning to get back up and post a few thoughts soon.  For now, let me share that we reconfigured our listening room, and I have also made some upgrades to my system.  This includes climbing the shindo pre-amp ladder to the Giscours and I’m still enjoying my sweet pair of GM70’s.  I’ve also moved on from my Rega P9, a beautiful table, to the swank AMG.

I’ll be writing more to you soon.