AcousticPlan’s Digimaster, is it really a “master”…?

I recently acquired the Acoustic Plan Digimaster (APD). I’m still just getting to know it, and I’m sort of hindered with that because I have to currently run it through an entry level HT Pre-Pro, as I’m without the reference pre-amp for now. So my initial thoughts are that I’m warming to it… It’s been a pleasant surprise performer, and something that I continue to enjoy. I’m really looking forward to my pre-amp so that the real analysis can begin. But to wet your appetite, here’s my thought on it running through a simple pre-amp while listening to Frank Sinatra Wee Small Hours (UK CD) through my Macbook Pro via the USB (Wireworld Starlight standard – 1M). I used Channel D’s PureMusic for initial testing. FWIW, this is one of my all time favorite albums. I have a nice VG+ 2nd issue, grey label mono version (circa 1955) that I have listened to frequently. The APD did a fine job with the UK CD version, when comparing the two. It’s one of the few, if not only, digital versions of Wee Small Hours that does not introduce reverb, and is a nice product to compare to my album. Overall, I loved it. Frank’s voice sounded very natural and even carried with it a bit of grit, that I’ve not heard before on the digital retransmission. I really liked it, a lot!

More to follow-up in the next few months, as I really need to get the reference pre-amp in first before offering any insight and commentary.

Ciao for now!


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