Reeled in today… Sablon Grand Corona – a 2M variety…

I recently went fishin’ and caught the little catch on the right… The one on the left, a sweet little Zu Audio Bok, just wasn’t legal…

Yep, I caught a pair of Gran Coronas custom made by the incredibly kind and gracious audio craftsman in the UK, across the pond. That’s right, Mark Coles at Sablon Audio. These power cords are simply amazin’! And Mark’s customer service is beyond what words can adequately describe!

Jonathan Franklin | © Franklin Six


Reeled in today | Ain’t she purty….


Well fingerprints aside on the faceplate, I hope you will agree with me that this Vosne Romanee is pretty beautiful!.  So to answer the poll last month on whether this was a oenophile or audiophile acquisition, it was an audiophile one!  And let me just say it’s been spectacular!

As for oenophile  interests, my winter allocations of Kosta Brown, Larkmead, Saxum, and Alban have all arrived!

Panatella | A cable revelation or a cigar…

I recently had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting Mark Coles. Mark, you see, is the founder and proprietor of Sablon Audio. This is a terrifically forward thinking company out of the UK – which means, as I love it said, they’re right across that pond we call the Atlantic.


Well, at first glance, you’d wouldn’t appreciate that Mark has a slight interest in and passion for Cigars. But after spending some time with his products, you might begin to see how he likes to smoke the things around him.

All kidding and amateur comedic remarks put aside, I’ve had his Panatela interconnect in my system now for about 3 weeks, including the current multiple pairs that I NOW own! And I can wholeheartedly share that these little innocuous cotton sheathed gems smoke the few cables that I’ve owned and have had the opportunity to compare them to. Are they the be all end all? I’m sure they’re not, how else can you explain the Über  priced Nordost Odins….  But at this price point and anywhere near them I don’t think they can be beat!  Seriously!  And if you don’t want to take my word for it, then check out Jeff Day’s recent “Fresh Catch” post about them!  They really are spectacular and even if I could justify spending Odin kind of money, I really doubt that I would!  The performance gap just doesn’t justify price gap…

So let me share some preliminary broad concept thoughts?

Revelatory? Yes, for me it’s been beyond what words can describe!  More time is required for me to fully digest these cables impact, but they’ve been great.

Detailed? You got that right!  I continue to be amazed hearing things I never heard before, and even at a micro level!

Neutral?  Well, you may not truly “get” neutral until you plug these babies in and find out just how biased your existing cables are.  Wow!

Check back in early April for my full review!

Digital never sounded so good

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I have the Acoustic Plan Digimaster DAC. Wow, incredible! I will hope to have a formal review out soon by the end of the month,.  But time and time again, when I listen to this little indigo box I’m blown away by how good digital can sound! Props to my dealer, Matthew Rotunda over at Pitch Perfect Audio for patiently answering questions for me about it. I really questioned how good a DAC might be and found my way to this little gem through numerous discussions and e-mails with Matt!

As for this little DAC – dang!

Reeled in today | PotO rocks! Seriously!

Seriously, the 25th Anniversary presentation of the Phantom of the Opera on blu-ray is incredible!  I spent the better part of this weekend enjoying this performance.  I will be writing a review of this later in the week.  But on the outside chance you are here curious to find out what my thoughts are, well – get it!  Really incredible!


My audio system is about 90-95% to where I want it to be. I really only have a few more minor planned tweaks that I am finalizing. And I have to say I couldn’t be happier with it.

But I am flummoxed by the state of audio media today. I’ve recently acquired some Blu-Ray concerts that seem to fall right in line with the issues discussed in yesterday’s post on Dynamic Range. Sadly, the mix is ridiculously tilted high and loud. It’s such a shame! And I have to share that part of the problem is that my system is now at a point where this stuff is (and becomes) patently obvious!

So as much as I enjoyed Sting’s concert in Berlin, I think the mix is lacking and way too “loud” and “high”. However, Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds disk is spectacular!

Just a simple rant for today! I guess I’ll just spin some vinyl!

PS Happy St. Patrick’s day!