Now that’s some gigantic cabling…  The black wired IC’s are from Zu audio.  There’s no comparison in terms of the size. And how about the power cord – dang!  Initial thoughts?  Let’s just say it’s been interesting…  But we need to leave it there as I sort out whether it is an expectancy value.  More to come!

March 3 | I’ve decided to forego further critical listening, and will simply plan to just enjoy these cables for now.  I’m working at keeping them in for now and will swap them out after a few days and start some comparisons then.  That said I do like them so far.  But I need to figure out if this is an EVT or substantive.





  1. Billy · March 6, 2012

    Pssst. Don’t use those cables on your Shindo, it’ll break the RCA jacks. Shindo with Shindo only. Just a word of caution. And those power cords will only equalize you’re magical green boxes into something its not supposed to be. Why do that?

    • Lost in Analogue · March 12, 2012

      While I certainly appreciate your thoughts and recommendations, I found there to be no issue, whatsoever! In fact, the Xhadow plug, used by Sablon, seemed to fit very nicely on the Shindo connectors, and slid on without issue. However, as noted in a separate post, the recommended Auditorium and Shindo cables plugs, which I presume are Switchcraft, required notably more force to secure the connection. In any event, thanks for sharing your concern.

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