Deceptive…, but not how you think!

Below are 2 preliminary photos of 3 cables that I’ve been evaluating. At first glance, it’s easy to see why people would conclude that the white cable is clearly larger or bulkier. In fact, a few, yet unapproved comments via WordPress that I’ve received on a post earlier this month suggest that it would not fit my (or any other) equipment’s jacks or that it might somehow crack RCA jack. But looks, photos, and shadows can be deceiving – so I’ll get some better photos up down the road. But I would like to note that I’ve taken the time to do some preliminary measurements and would proffer that these are all within micro-hairs of each other. So if you take account for human and tool variances, I believe they’re essentially identically sized.

As for how they fit, well my tests show the exact opposite of what you’d expect! In fact, when used with all of my equipment, the white cable proved to be the easiest to plug in. Curiously, the gold one required the most oomph to push in… Go figure, I guess looks can be deceiving!

More to come on my listening impressions…




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