Time to say goodbye…

Well, after nearly 2 weeks with the Sablon Audio’s interconnect and power cables, I must say goodbye.  They head out tomorrow to their next lucky demoing person!

It’s been a fun time, and I will miss them.  But any sense of sadness will be short-lived because I fell in love with the interconnects and have placed an order for some.  While I’ve not had time to adequately put pen to paper and write a review, I can briefly say that they were sensational.  They blew away my standard Zu Audio Wylde’s and Mission interconnects with little effort.  The differences were so pronounced on so many levels.  I’ll get more into the the other comparisons when I get the review up.

Separately, my tests and analysis with the power cords is incomplete.  I had a few variables in the set-up which precluded me from adequately sorting through Sablon’s and other company cables that I have.  I’ve since identified the issues (a PS Audio conditioner), and have removed it from the mix.  However, my time has run out, and I will need to await another opportunity to compare down the road!


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