My audio system is about 90-95% to where I want it to be. I really only have a few more minor planned tweaks that I am finalizing. And I have to say I couldn’t be happier with it.

But I am flummoxed by the state of audio media today. I’ve recently acquired some Blu-Ray concerts that seem to fall right in line with the issues discussed in yesterday’s post on Dynamic Range. Sadly, the mix is ridiculously tilted high and loud. It’s such a shame! And I have to share that part of the problem is that my system is now at a point where this stuff is (and becomes) patently obvious!

So as much as I enjoyed Sting’s concert in Berlin, I think the mix is lacking and way too “loud” and “high”. However, Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds disk is spectacular!

Just a simple rant for today! I guess I’ll just spin some vinyl!

PS Happy St. Patrick’s day!


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