Parting is such bitter-sweet sorrow

Today I pack up and send along to the next select individual a set of speaker cables that really impressed me. Candidly, I’d rather just keep them here…

These are either a final beta release or the gold master release for Sablon Audio of its soon to be released Panatela Speaker Cable. Sablon’s Mark Coles was kind enough to share these with me before they head out on their journey to a few others he’s sharing this pre-release version with. I suspect that after he gets their feedback he’ll make the decision on whether these are the GM or a final beta. If you ask me, they might as well be GM’s. They were that good!

Regardless of what their status is, I am grateful that he gave me the opportunity to first listen to the pair shown here!

Jonathan Franklin | © Franklin Six

Sablon Audio's new Panatela Speaker Cable

While I had them I was able to compare them to my existing “reference” cable, the Auditorium A23. My initial impressions were quite favorable, and as I reflect back on my experiences with them and my notes from listening, I would quickly say I REALLY liked these! I’ll get to an abbreviated review in the near future, meaning sometime Q2 2012…. I have a few other reviews in the pipeline that need to be posted. But it’s not a stretch for me to say that Mark hit another one out of the park with this new product.

Great work, Mark!


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