Does this little grey belt really improve things?

The magical-unicorn white belt...

The magical white belt!

After reading endless discussions on this little grey (a/k/a “white”) belt, I finally decided to grab one to see what the fuss was about.  I have a wonderful Rega P9 table, and have used the stock belt for nearly 2 years.  Supposedly, this little belt is made to tighter tolerances, and ultimately yields better sound…  I’ll let you know, as I’m going to put it to action to night!

Update – May 31, 2012: Dang, I need 2…  Need to order the second.  What was I thinking?

Update – June 26, 2012: Ok, here’s my uncomplicated take on these belts – get them!  What I’ve noticed is that they deliver a improvement in the energy flowing from the music.  For me, they improve the tempo.  Why?  Maybe they grip better or their tolerances are better.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that my albums have some punch that just wasn’t there before.  So I say grab a pair!

Update – July 3, 2012: Ok, I’ve had the 2 belts installed for almost 2 weeks.  Here’s a brief follow-up.  What I notice more than anything is a sense if liveliness that just wasn’t there before.  Maybe the speed was off just enough to notice auditory, or there is something else going on.  But everything just has more zap to it.  More energy and vivaciousness.

Just my 2 cents!  Might be the best TT upgrade I’ve done, period!


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