No time out here

One of my top five albums, if not most favorite, is The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Time Out.  I have an original, first pressing in mono from Columbia on the famed 6 eye label.  And, FWIW, it was one of the first Lp’s I tracked down when I jumped back into audio and vinyl.  Simply put, I love this album.

I later acquired the Classic Records reissue (stereo), which was ok, but the pressing was a little noisy for my tastes.  And the noise was nothing like the nostalgic ambient sounds that come through my original mono when I play it back.  That sound is more the product of time than poor pressing.  But even if something like the Vinyl Cleaner could cure some of that acquired sound from the passage of time, I doubt that would ever allow that original masterpiece to compete with the new Analogue Productions and Quality Record Pressings newly touted, “definitive” version.

But what AP & QRP have reissued is a masterpiece.  They’ve packaged it in a beautiful gatefold jacket, with nice black and white photos from the Columbia Studios recording session. This looks and feels very similar to Music Matters’ Blue Note jackets.  QRP pressed this gem on 200-gram vinyl cut at 45 RPM by Bernie Grundman.  Amazin’!The Dave Brubeck QuartetThis is a spectacular album, and an even better reissue pressing.  It is by far the best version I have ever heard!  Highly recommend.

PS – my order of preference for my versions?  1) AP & QRP’s 45 version discussed here (country mile); 2) Original 6 eye mono; 3) Classic Record’s reissue.


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