Reeled in: Hmmmm…. What’s in these….?

Look what just arrived.


Nibbling on the line: upcoming reviews

My apologies for not writing more reviews or more frequently.  I have some regular day responsibilities that demand a lot right now, so I’m very behind on reviews.  That said, here’s what’s in the pipeline:

  1. AcousticPlan’s Digimaster DAC – digital finally sounds right… (forever in progress – but I love the DAC!)
  2. Shindo Vosne Romane | sneak peak – sublime…, really, it is!
  3. Shindo GM70 Lafons | Yah, I pulled the trigger on a full Shindo synergistic set-up.  These are due to arrive this week, and I’m pretty excited.
  4. Sablon Audio’s Panatela interconnects (2012 version).
  5. I may even toss n a review of my Sophia Electric 300B’s, now that I will have the GM70’s.
  6. More vinyl reissues to follow!  (Ongoing)

But I would ask for your patience with me as I try to get to these…  For now, take care – I’m heading back to Uncle Tupelo’s for some more sublime sounds!