Lafon to be thankful for this year!

Lafon Thankful


There really is Lafon to be thankful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving, a second time!




  1. herve lafond · November 27, 2012


    How does those compares to the sophia’s. I have the sophia’s myself.


    • Lost in Analogue · November 27, 2012


      Thanks for the query. I’m still sorting through my thoughts on these, and have not put the Sophias back in the system yet. That said, I think what has to be understood is that the GM70s and 300Bs are wonderful tubes, but are distinctively different. I’ll need to hold off further comment, and will update next month.

      • herve · November 27, 2012

        Thanks. I love the Sophia’s but I am thinking in the future buying a Shindo (not sure which one yet..). I also am using Mark Ic’s, PC and speaker cables.

      • Lost in Analogue · November 27, 2012

        You’re more than welcome! The Sophias are wonderful, especially if you add in some groovy NOS JANs. My ONLY gripe is the build quality. Jumping into Shindo is a big decision, but I suspect given your references component parts that you won’t be disappointed. As for where to jump – good question. I would highly recommend that you visit your dealer and listen. Heck, see if you take your Sophias along. You may find you really just want to do the Pre-Amp to start. Right now I have the Shindo Vosne pre-amp. But I will likely jump to the Giscours. Please keep me posted on your Shindo efforts!

        PS Mark’s products at Sablon are really nice. I think he is way too under-appreciated.

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