Where, oh, where, has my analogue gone to…

I haven’t forgotten about this site.  But I’ve been busy.  A lot has changed in the past few months. The Shindo Giscours has replaced the Vosne Romanee shown above.  And now the AMG turntable is set to arrive tomorrow.  More to come….



  1. Bill Denton · April 9, 2013

    You are working too hard! We are ready for an update!
    Giscours review and pictures.
    AMG Review and pictures.

    • Lost in Analogue · April 21, 2013

      Too much. But you’re right!

    • Lost in Analogue · September 13, 2013

      All is well here. Crazy busy, but well. The equipment is sweet, and I am satisfied. I just need time to listen the right music.

  2. Fred · April 30, 2013

    Waiting for your thoughts on the AMG tt.

    • Lost in Analogue · June 11, 2013


      My apologies for failing off the radar. While I’ve not taken the time to write a review about the AMG, I will briefly share this for now – it is a beautiful turntable. It is easy to use, low on the fuss scale, and a wonderfully musical table. By all accounts it retrieves more detail from my records and sounds amazing with great mastering and pressings. But this does mean that poorly mastered or pressed records sound worse than they did with my Rega P9. That was a completely unexpected development. The delta from a great mastering to a bad one seems to have doubled. And while that sounds like hyperbole, I am comfortable writing that because the delta is so much more obvious now. It is really shocking! My only other quibble is the record clamp. But let me be clear – the clamp works great. It’s just that I am not used to screwing on and off a clamp. The P9 did not have a clamp. So this is a minor annoyance.

      In terms of visuals, it is much bigger vertically than expected, but it is a beautiful table. If you add the recommended base, then the size increases another 3, or so, inches higher.

    • Lost in Analogue · September 13, 2013

      It is an amazing table. My only complaint is its size. I just wish it were more discrete looking. That said, I am mesmerized by everything I listen to on it!

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