So much to share, so little time to do it

Ok, it’s been almost a year.  That should suffice as a reasonable hiatus.

So I am planning to get back up and post a few thoughts soon.  For now, let me share that we reconfigured our listening room, and I have also made some upgrades to my system.  This includes climbing the shindo pre-amp ladder to the Giscours and I’m still enjoying my sweet pair of GM70’s.  I’ve also moved on from my Rega P9, a beautiful table, to the swank AMG.

I’ll be writing more to you soon.



  1. Barr · May 5, 2014

    Franklin, 5 more months have passed, no updates? Nothing? C’mon, do tell!

    • Lost in Analogue · May 5, 2014

      Barr, thank you so much for thinking of me. A lot has happened in the past year, and candidly, I just haven’t thought about writing…. Here’s a brief update and I will try to put something together this Quarter.

      The system is purring along. We had a custom cabinet built, which allows me to better display our equipment when I am using it and also protect it when I am not. I’ve been very pleased with the new arrangement. And I am now able to have everything tidied up…. 🙂 This has also helped with dust.

      The other bonus with this set up is I now have my television and related equipment separated from the tubes. No more interference…. 🙂

      Now the equipment has remained the same for the past year – how about that!

      I still own and love my Giscours and GGM70’s by Shindo. And the AMG turntable is a thing of beauty! The sound coming from this combo is intoxicating. As for a DAC, I still use the Acoustic Plan DAC that I bought 2 years ago. I’ve also integrated playback of DSD files using Audirvana. Everything is laid out and confined to certain cabinets so there is no interference! I am also using a Mac Mini – so i control everything with my iPad without much fuss.

      All of the audio equipment wouldn’t be worth listening to if the Orangutans weren’t in the mix! I just love the Os, and they make everything sound wonderful! It is a real joy to listen to!

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