Emptiness is a good thing!

I spent many years searching for a stereo set up that I could just enjoy. Part of the challenge with that endeavor was (is) my passion for tweaking – it’s a perfectionistic bent.

But early last year I found I really didn’t have an interest in tweaking anything with my equipment. In fact, I just found myself listening, when I had time. And in turn, getting lost in the analogue.  I suspect the combination of the Giscours and the AMG took me to an audio dimension that just resonates with me.  I can’t explain it beyond this. But I will say I’m very happy with my set-up and I am enjoying the music more and more (when I have time).

This freed me up to focus efforts on the room and how I had everything configured. Given the multiple roles my audio listening room had, I settled in on a built in cabinet that would house records, tubes, SS for home theater, and also have a counter upon which I could place the turntable and works of art.  I was inspired by the system Matt R displayed on his site http://pitchperfectaudio.wordpress.com/. The customer is identified as Wayne P. From there, I spent time working with a cabinet builder and finally had everything together right before last year’s holiday season.

Since then I’ve enjoyed the music.  Which leads me to some thoughts on what I will try to write about. In no particular order:

  • The AMG turntable – luv it!
  • Shindo’s magnificent Giscours
  • DSD files through the Acoustic Plan Dac with the Mac Mini and Audirvana Mac player

For now, I will leave you with this. The emptiness on this blog for the past year plus has more to do with finding great joy with the music in my set-up, than it has with anything else. I hope for each of you readers out there that you will find a set up that lets you enjoy the music. I would also encourage everyone to step back and start listening.

Thanks everyone!


One comment

  1. Douglas Klein · May 26, 2014

    It’s been awhile since I checked your blog. Glad I did this weekend. Very happy for the progress you have made with your system and the place you are in listening and enjoying the music! Congratulations on picking up the Giscours, AMG and new cabinet. The room is a most important ‘piece’ of the system. Good luck with fine tuning the complete package. Have fun.

    A few questions, if I may:

    1. Would you be willing to email a jpg of your system (the cabinet included) to me, or post one on this blog?

    2. I have read several highly laudatory comments and reviews about the AMG. What cartridge are you using? Do you anticipate an eventual move to the Shindo table?

    3. Does the AP DAC play DSD as pure DSD or as PCM? May I assume that you are still playing SACDs on your OPPO, or other? Is your Mac Mini a dedicated unit, and have you customized it?

    Continue to enjoy it greatly, and thanks for considering my inquiry.


    Douglas & Peggy Klein
    Tucson, AZ

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