Should I write or not….

It should be obvious that I don’t spend enough time here.  I think the last meaningful post dates back to 2012. Ouch. Well, FWIW, at that time I was engaged in trying to find an auditory bliss.  But right after that in early 2013, I hit pretty darn close to whatever bliss might be when it comes to audio reproduction in my home. I’ve not had one significant moment where I thought about new or other equipment. Sure, there are occasional drifts in thought about whether there might be an update to my speakers by DeVore (096 => 098). But those are faint blips and more curiosity about what D is cooking up in his shop.

That said, I am enjoying what I have. Just wish I had more time and less chaos to spend enjoying.

The system has remained unchanged for 2 years. And I am fine with that. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it. This new year may yield some reviews, as I note there is more traffic on this blog than I appreciated. (Thanks, Steve, for your recent comment reminding me about the blog….).

Best wishes to  you all, and may each of you spend more time listening than contemplating a system acquisition.  🙂