About getting lost

A few years ago I set out to reengage analogue audio.  It had really been about 20 years since I last spun a record or actually listened to anything “hi-fi”.

My adventure has proven to be both challenging and fun.  Along the way, I’ve found some equipment that I truly enjoy, and some that I don’t.  Sorting through that has allowed me to better understand what I like and why this has become so rewarding.

So that has, in turn, sprung the idea of writing about my pursuit to get lost in analogue.  As we go forward, I hope to provide reviews and commentary about the equipment I’ve bought, owned, and tried.  I will also share my thoughts on various albums I have and find.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to offer something of interest and value to others.



  1. Douglas Klein · August 13, 2012

    Thank you for sharing. Always enjoyable to learn of another’s journey through the maze that is audio. Great that you have connected with Matt at Pitch Perfect Audio! Keep those recording reviews coming and I am eagerly awaiting your forthcoming piece about the Acoustic Sound transport-DAC. Have you decided how to accommodate SACDs in your system? Cheers, Doug

    • Lost in Analogue · August 13, 2012

      You’re welcome, Doug. I’m glad to read someone liked what I had to share. As for SACD’s, yes, I do use them, but my collection is small. I have also decided to steer away from them due to the copyright issues and inability to play them through my APD (DAC). I am instead looking at hi-res downloads as my preferred digital media form.

      Separately, the APD review is still a work in progress. But I can wholeheartedly share that I love that little sapphire gem!

      • Evan Evans · February 22

        Did your Digimaster review reflect its use with the standard power supply or the optional Powermaster linear power supply? I recently purchased a used Digimaster but it did not come with the Powermaster so I am trying to decide if I should try to find a used Powermaster or other high quality linear power supply or just stay with the standard unit. Thanks

      • Lost in Analogue · March 13

        Cool. I hope you enjoy the digimaster. I know I do, and have it paired with my Mac Mini. As for power supply, I had one built by Teddy Pardo (https://www.teddypardo.com/). This has worked for me without issue. And, it was more cost friendly.

      • Evan Evans · March 13

        Thanks for getting back to me from your years old post. Did the Teddy Pardo power supply yield refinements in sound quality or just mostly reduced background noise?

      • Lost in Analogue · March 14

        Oh, great question. In fairness, I’ve not used the old power supply in years! And, I suspect I don’t even have it around to test.

        So, I don’t have a clear recollection of what I believed was the benefit of a different power supply. That said, my cloudy recollection is the TP PS stabilized the DAC and calmed the extraneous sounds. I do not have hums or hisses….

      • Evan Evans · March 14

        Thanks, that is consistent with a Digimaster owner’s impression I found on Audioaficionado who also got a Teddy Pardo unit. Fortunately, most power supply manufacturers allow a trial period of 30 (+- 15) days so I can try several different power supplies and only be out the shipping costs.

  2. Douglas Klein · August 13, 2012

    Oops. Sorry, wrote “Acoustic Sound” and intended “Acoustic Plan,” as in the Digi-Master DAC.

  3. Douglas Klein · September 27, 2012

    Are you using the OPPO 95 for SACD playback? We have the BDP-83. Happy with it but the audio is not what my former McCormack UDP-1 was. Made the move to simplify and add Blu-Ray. Eager for the new OPPO 105 to be released but definitely looking forward to the day the AP DigiMaster and Transport are in the system. With Orangutans, Shindo, AP, and A23 Matt has you rockin’! Awesome and congratulations. Best, -doug

    • Lost in Analogue · September 27, 2012


      Yes, I use the oppo for SACD playback. But because of the copyright protection scheme with that format you can’t play it back through an external DAC. So I stopped buying SACD’s. I now just look for the hi=res files from HD Tracks.

      Yes, BDP105 looks interesting….

      • Douglas Klein · September 27, 2012

        Thank you. Have you been happy with the Oppo sonically? I am on same page with SACDs except some classical are hybrid or SACD-only. Likewise, happy with the Hi-Res files thus far? I have not moved to computer audio at this point but will with time. I realize the quality is available now but I don’t want to mess with metadata, etc. yet.

      • Lost in Analogue · October 22, 2012


        I would say yes, I’ve been happy with the Oppo on a sonic level. I just wish I could use the dac of my chosing with SACD’s. Since I can’t, I’ve stopped buying SACD’s. I’m now just focusing on high quality downloads from places like HD Tracks.

  4. Barr · July 18, 2017

    Franklin! How are you doing, it has been too long. While you have lead a stabilized existence I have not. I strayed from vinyl back to the land of digital for a few years. I eventually moved on from tubes to Devialets. I eventually moved on from the wonderful DeVore’s, and eventually the cycle completes itself and I have returned to vinyl.

    Hope all is well with you and that we will hear form you soon. Unless you are just listening to the same three records. Have you gotten into mono at all? I have gone down that road as well and now have two tone arms.

    All the best to you!

  5. Lost in Analogue · March 13


    Great to hear from you. I am around, busy with life. There is just too little time to sit and enjoy music in the same way I did a few years back. This is a family phase that will all too quickly evaporate, leaving me with the salt of time on my hands. For now, my music is driven – yes I dare to say this – by convenience. This has led to a dual configuration set-up still using my Os’. They are powered by one of sets of cabling – one from my Shindo tubes and another from an Anthem AVM60 mated with a Red Dragon S500 stereo amp. The turntable (AMG) collects way too much dust for now. The records – they’re stored vertically in their cabinets. The room – filled with laughter and the joy of family. Still, on occasion, I fire up the tubes, dust the AMG, and pull out a few more than three records…. The sound is always sublime and effortless.

    • Barr · March 13

      Busy with life is always a good thing! As is hearing from you. I am cycling through a similar but shorter phase at the moment, so convenience and digital rules at the moment. By the fall I expect to once again embrace analog once things settle down a tad. I was pulling your leg in regards to the three records BTW. All the best to you and yours!

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