Ain’t she purty….

Bright lights, big sound!


A mini-reactor




Getting acquainted….

Well, it’s taking me some time to get acquainted with my new Shindo GM70 mono block amps, but I think after almost 3 weeks that I’m starting to settle in with these. While the initial impressions were all over the board, these are growing on me, and I have to say that the bass extension is a welcome development. And tonally speaking, I’m beginning to wonder if these are as close to reality as I have had.

More listening is required, but I am liking these! But I do pan to put my Sophia Electric 300Bs back in later this month to see if I still feel the same.

For now, I’m Shindofied!

Is it a righteous 300B???

A year ago, or so, I purchased a pair of Sophia Electric mono block 300B amps.  These replaced a Pass Labs XA *.5 product.  These were my first foray into tubed amps.

So are they righteous sounding?  Stay tuned, as I will be working to review them during the next month, or so.