Reeled in today | Ain’t she purty….


Well fingerprints aside on the faceplate, I hope you will agree with me that this Vosne Romanee is pretty beautiful!.  So to answer the poll last month on whether this was a oenophile or audiophile acquisition, it was an audiophile one!  And let me just say it’s been spectacular!

As for oenophile  interests, my winter allocations of Kosta Brown, Larkmead, Saxum, and Alban have all arrived!


Oenophile or audiophile…

In case you were wondering what came out of the mystery box shown below on February 27, it was a Vosne Romanee order.  So my question to you is whether that is an oenophile or audiophile Vosne…  Stay tuned!

March 2 update: I will say that it has been wonderful to enjoy and experience thus far!  More to come!