Should I write or not….

It should be obvious that I don’t spend enough time here.  I think the last meaningful post dates back to 2012. Ouch. Well, FWIW, at that time I was engaged in trying to find an auditory bliss.  But right after that in early 2013, I hit pretty darn close to whatever bliss might be when it comes to audio reproduction in my home. I’ve not had one significant moment where I thought about new or other equipment. Sure, there are occasional drifts in thought about whether there might be an update to my speakers by DeVore (096 => 098). But those are faint blips and more curiosity about what D is cooking up in his shop.

That said, I am enjoying what I have. Just wish I had more time and less chaos to spend enjoying.

The system has remained unchanged for 2 years. And I am fine with that. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it. This new year may yield some reviews, as I note there is more traffic on this blog than I appreciated. (Thanks, Steve, for your recent comment reminding me about the blog….).

Best wishes to  you all, and may each of you spend more time listening than contemplating a system acquisition.  🙂


Where, oh, where, has my analogue gone to…

I haven’t forgotten about this site.  But I’ve been busy.  A lot has changed in the past few months. The Shindo Giscours has replaced the Vosne Romanee shown above.  And now the AMG turntable is set to arrive tomorrow.  More to come….