Digital never sounded so good

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I have the Acoustic Plan Digimaster DAC. Wow, incredible! I will hope to have a formal review out soon by the end of the month,.  But time and time again, when I listen to this little indigo box I’m blown away by how good digital can sound! Props to my dealer, Matthew Rotunda over at Pitch Perfect Audio for patiently answering questions for me about it. I really questioned how good a DAC might be and found my way to this little gem through numerous discussions and e-mails with Matt!

As for this little DAC – dang!



  1. Holberg · March 22, 2012


    Looking very much forward to Your review of the AcousticPlan DigiMaster. Hoping to auditioning it myself sometime next month.

    BTW. Are You using the stardard switchmode supply or the liniar AcousticPlan PowerMaster in Your review?

    Best regards

  2. Lost in Analogue · March 22, 2012


    I am not using the standard supply. I actually bought a Teddy Pardo power supply custom made to work with this DAC. Candidly, I was very disappointed with the quality of the standard PS. I just expected more than a $20 retail PS. That said, I know AP has the PowerMaster, and it retails for $2,000. And while I may one day grab that, for now I chose the TP because it cost me about $400. For now I’m pretty happy with that, and I think the improvement is appreciable.


  3. Jesper · March 24, 2012

    Hi Jonathan

    Thank You for Your reply. Yes, the switch mode supply is no good. To noisy!

    I own M2Tech Young Dac + Palmer battery supply at the moment. Was wondering if the DigiMaster has the same specs. as the Young DAC so that I can use the Palmer battery supply with the DigiMaster?

    Best regards

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